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The Laksefjord plain with its forested hillsides, fishing lakes and open countryside is a delight for fishing and hunting enthusiasts. Kjøllefjord is a charming fishing village, sheltered by the mountains facing the North Arctic and still close to excellent fishing banks. Go fishing with local fishermen to experience deep sea - and king crab fishing!

The beautiful sea cliff known as Finnkirka welcomes you as you sail in to Kjøllefjord. The cliff was once an ancient Sami site of sacrifice. 

Kjøllefjord Tourist Information, is located at Hotel Nordkyn in the center of Kjøllefjord
Open: monday-saturday: 11.00 - 20.00, sunday: 13.00 - 20.00

email; turistinformasjon@lebesby.kommune.no.
Tel: +47 78 49 91 51
Homepage: www.visitnordkyn.com  

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