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Foldal Wharf - Foldalbruket

N-9790 Kjøllefjord.
Abandoned fishing wharf with traditions dating back to 1911. Now protected by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage.

The building is seeped in fishing history, tradition and atmosphere; you can still smell the dried fisk, ropes and tar. Furnished and decorated with barrels, fisk boxes an fishing tools. Five buildings on a large quay area, 3000 square meters of museum. Cultural historical gallery where the guides provide an insight to the developements in Finnnmark over the past 2000 years. Guests can rent rooms in the 1950s style fisherman's cabins (rorbu)

Season: June-August. Museum open daily during this period.



Tel/mob: +47 78 49 82 50/ +47 906 53 870